BiC (Business Inside Company) is a time management software for planning, monitoring and evaluation of work and time spend on the projects, contracts or with your clients. With BiC it’s easy to report and bill the real time spending on the projects or contracts, evaluate efficiently work of your employees or optimize your company workflow. Discover your hidden reserves and provide a better work organization of your whole team.

Why BiC?

– real-time information about work situation anytime, anywhere
– easy and detailed tool for data input, work planning, project management, reporting and evaluation
– time monitoring (as detailed as minute intervals)
– modular system
– easy work evaluation and exports designed for the customer’s need
– detail reporting and analysis per client, employee, project or even per single task or activity
– support for a team work (virtual teams, homeworking)
– possibility to connect to your billing system
– can act as a employee information system
– information are all secured
– hot-line support

BiC – ideal planning and evalution tool for:

– software-houses
– consulting companies
– legal and law firms
– accounting companies
– tax advisors
– software developers
– advertising agencies
– real estate agents
– project-driven organizations
– customer centers
– courier and logistics services
– business and sales organization

BiC (Business Inside Company) – actual version 2.2



Do you want to try BiC?

Download a demo-version and tell us how can we help you regarding our product.

Do you want to buy BiC?

The price of this product is $375. Please contact our sales department to receive your account information.



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